How To Choose A Business Coach


Firstly, not everyone needs a business coach. Many people (especially business owners) know best – do not engage with a coach! Only engage if you want an alternative perspective. When I became Managing Director of Cottage Delight Ltd, the Business owner actively encouraged me to engage with an external sounding ...

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Who Is Jason Moody?


My name is Jason Moody. I’m 50, married to Becky & have 2 teenage daughters.  I live in a little village in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Prior to starting my own business in 2018, I spent 25 years working for other businesses,  ½ that time working in senior management roles within ...

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What Is A Trading Summary?


A trading summary report is the most important report you can produce. You need to know how you are performing against a plan (something that defines success) & against last year.  Both target & last year are very important benchmarks. Most small businesses either don’t have one or have one ...

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