My name is Jason Moody.

I’m 50, married to Becky & have 2 teenage daughters. 

I live in a little village in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Prior to starting my own business in 2018, I spent 25 years working for other businesses, 

½ that time working in senior management roles within big companies, ½ working in a smaller family business (150 people) – the majority of that time as Managing Director.

In 2016 I oversaw the multi-million pound sale of that business to a large multi-national food group.

During those 25yrs, I worked incredibly hard & delivered for people that didn’t truly appreciate it. Thank fu*k I realised this before I got old.

I now coach small business owners offering advice & guidance on how they can make their dreams reality. I only work with people that I like & respect. 

I believe there is a myth within business that you have to work hard to achieve.

From what I’ve seen, people that work tirelessly tend to suffer poor health sooner.

You work your knackers off, retire and then die……..does that represent doing well and having fulfilled your potential in life? I don’t think so.

Life to me is about having the opportunity to spend as much time as you can doing the things that you love. Yes there will be times you have to graft, however, graft guarantees nothing!! 

When I reflect on my career to date, the people that planned before they acted are the ones I respect & admire the most – not because they plan but because of the results they achieved.

Patience is an amazing trait, thinking first before acting, being clear what the purpose is, what the dream is, what the motivating factors are. These are the very few people I have seen do special things, they created an environment that was inspiring, uplifting, fun – the very best I ever worked with and for, they made it look easy.

Keep things simple, plan, be clear & focus on the priorities, ensure people are made accountable & have clear visibility of results – commit to doing this & you’ll very likely succeed or get bloody close.

I work with small business owners with a common focus on doing the following:

  • Planning, define what success looks like & by when.
  • Identify priorities and make people accountable.
  • Produce clear and simple reporting.
  • Create a culture based around teamwork and no blame.
  • Enjoying the journey.

I feel passionate about doing these things really well.

The very best in every profession, whether it’s business or sport – they make it look easy.

They focus on the most important few things, and they do them very well.

What do I aspire to achieve?

I enjoy my life & I want to continue enjoying it.

I don’t want hands-on involvement in business activities. 

I want to share what I’ve learnt with people that I like & respect. 

I get a buzz out of helping good people.

I want to support my daughters – Bella & Emily, in achieving their dreams & aspirations.

I want to maintain a great work/life balance.

I want to attend 1 major sporting event each year from 2023: 

The Ryder cup, an Ashes cricket series in Australia, a Rugby world cup, a Football world cup, a trip to Augusta to watch the Masters.

I want to go to Spain to watch the Bull run in Pamplona.

I want to explore different parts of the world. A good friend told me about Laos & Vietnam, I want to check them out.

I want to maintain a good healthy mix of keeping fit & enjoying myself.

By the time I am 55 I want to drive around the coast of the British Isles in a camper van, with my gorgeous wife Becky who is also my best friend. 

We’ll have a couple of e-bikes attached to the back of it, we’ll stop at whichever place we like the look of & set up camp & explore for however long it takes.

It’s going to be ace!!

I will choose to work remotely if I want to.

I will have access to Sky Sports so I can watch whatever great sporting event takes my fancy.

The journey is going to take as long as we want it too.

And how am I going to do it?



How do I do this?

  • I build really close working relationships with my clients, understanding their aspirations & motives.
  • I’m their trusted independent contact they turn to for advice.
  • I’m authentic & true to myself.
  • I spend my time using my talents & where I add most value – I’m self aware, I know what I’m good at, I know what I’m not.
  • I’m selective with who I work with – I need to enjoy the experience.

If you already work with me, you’ll probably have been exposed to lots of the above already. If you’re taking a look over my site and wondering if I’m the right mentor for your business then I hope that my openness to share gives you the confidence that any future working relationship will be built on total transparency and a clear vision of success. Feel free to reach out to me via my contact form if you’d like to arrange an informal no obligation chat.

Build a plan, enjoy executing it and live your dream.